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  Hasbro 1992 Beach Dazzle Sindy

Art. Nr 18251
Contents: Swimsuit, earrings and headband.
  Hasbro 1992 Holiday Sindy

Art. Nr 18277
Contents: Mini skirt, jacket, t-shirt, suitcase, shoes, camera, swim-
ming suit, comb, tooth-
paste, shampoo, tooth-brush, sunglasses.
  Hasbro 1992 Rainbow Sindy

Art. Nr 18253
Contents: Doll with rainbow hair, hair decoration, dress skirt, knickers, earrings, shoes and hairstyling guide.
  Hasbro 1992 Sweet Secrets Sindy

Art. Nr 18309
Contents: Doll dress, knickers, bracelets that can be worn as earrings, tiara that can be worn as a ring, locket with secret compartment and key.
  Hasbro 1992 Romance N Roses

Art. Nr 18294 Rare
Contents: Dress, ear-
rings, hair slide, 2 bracelets, shoes, comb, perfumed roses and doll stand.
  Hasbro 1992 Ballerina Sindy

Art. Nr 18314
Contents: Hairband, ballet-dress, leg warmers, ballet shoes and bag.
  Hasbro 1992 Dream Ballet Sindy

Art. Nr 18315
Contents: Ballgown, tutu, leotard, ballet shoes, leg warmers, swan bag, tiara and earrings.
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