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  Hasbro 1991 Hot Blades Sindy

Art. Nr 8053
Contents: Jacket, backpack bag, skates, knee pads, sunglasses, portable CD player, headphones and comb.
  Hasbro 1991 Party Lights Sindy

Art. Nr 8139
Contents: Doll with fibre optic hair, dress, shoes, knickers, earrings, bracelet and comb.
  Hasbro 1991 Show Jumper Sindy

Art. Nr 8058
Contents: Jacket, scarf, jodphurs, hat, boots, crop and earrings.
  Hasbro 1991 Golden Skates Sindy

Art. Nr 8039 Rare
Contents: Dress, gold medal, bouquet, earrings and ice-skates.
  Hasbro 1991 Edwardian Dream

Art. Nr 8163 Rare
Contents: Feather rimmed hat, parasol, earrings, shoes and classic gown.
  Hasbro 1991 Pretty Picnic Sindy

Art. Nr 8054 Scarce
Contents: Hairbow, earrings, shoes, picnic basket, 2 plates, 2 glasses, 4 cutlery pieces and bottle
  Hasbro 1991 Talk With Me Sindy

Art. Nr 18350 Scarce
Contents: Dress, knickers, earrings and shoes. To talk with Sindy press speak button first.
  Hasbro 1991 Tennis Star Sindy

Art. Nr 8051
Contents: Outfit, tennis racquet, ball and shoes.
  Hasbro 1991 Dream Time Sindy

Art. Nr 8029 Scarce
Contents: Dainty lace outfit and comb.
  Hasbro 1991 Pop Star Sindy

Art. Nr 8108
Contents: Jacket, skirt, boots, earrings, microphone and hair twist.
  Hasbro 1991 Dream Ballet Sindy

Art. Nr 8129
Contents: Ballgown, tu-tu & leotard, swanbag, legwarmers, ballet shoes, shoes, tiara and earrings.
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