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  Hasbro 1987 Mix N Match City Girl

Art. Nr 8162
Contents: Jacket, hat, polo neck jumper, full circular skirt, panties, trousers, stockings, shoes, earrings and belt.
  Hasbro 1987 New Look City Girl

Art. Nr 8120
Contents: Bomber jacket, vest top, trousers, socks and shoes.
  Hasbro 1987 Super Star

Art. Nr Unknown
Contents: Jacket, knickers, shoes, hair twist, earrings and microphone.
  Hasbro 1987 Romance N Roses

Art. Nr 8130
Contents: Cream dress, hat, parasol, shoes, earrings and stand.
  Hasbro 1987 Fun Knit 1

Art. Nr 8050
Contents: Jumper, knickers, boots and earmuffs.
  Hasbro 1987 Super Cool Sindy

Art. Nr 8170
Contents: T-shirt, bikini, sunglasses, 2 hair twist and T-shirt ring.
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