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This site guides both the experienced,
as well as the novice collector, in the
world of Sindy. Sindy is solely a play-
line doll as opposed to Barbie.

But there are a few elegant exceptions,
with a class that can only be described
as exquisite, where Sindy turns to col-

Many dolls from the Hasbros production
are extremely rare.

The prices are therefore to be regarded
as estimations considering the rarity of
the doll.

I hold the years from 1988 to 1992 to be
the golden years of Hasbro and Sindy,
considering both design and attention
to details.

Personally, I dont think that any other
manufacturer of fashion dolls has suc-
ceded in producing such a stylish doll
as Hasbro has with the european Sin-
dy doll.

The purpose of this site is to show the
very best of Hasbros genuine product-
ion in pictures and provide a short de-

scription of the accessories belonging
to the dolls. The rarity is classified as
very rare, rare and scarce.

I collect Sindy dolls because, as a col-
lector, I want to face the challange to
try and find the correct specimen. As a
matter of fact, many of Hasbros Sindy
dolls are considerably more difficult to
obtain than any other fashion doll.

Splashing Out Sindy from 1989 is an
example of a very rare doll.

In the first chapter the best of Hasbros
Sindy production is presented and in
the second chapter we get to know the
Sindy production of Funskool in India.

Funskool gave Sindy an India inspired
fashion in the "Miss India" series where
Sindy was transformed into a young wo-
man, from India, dressed in sarée.

The "Pretty Party Sindy" was also an
example of this new thinking regarding
fashion design.These models from Fun-
skool are already today classic in Sind-
ys long and glorius history.

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