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In 1987 the production and rights was taken over by Hasbro. The model that was introduced by Hasbro that year was only available on the market for one year. Disney Club Sindy is one of the more interesting models from this period. City Girl and Romance N roses was other fresh models of Sindy from the same year. In 1988 the modern Sindy doll had it´s premiere. Her new look was a disappointment to many english fans but by others Sindy was received with open arms. The reason for this was that she has lost her charm. Mattel started a legal suit against Hasbro resulting in that sales in the US was prohibited. A treaty between the two companies also resulted in that Sindy´s eyes were changed and she lost her turnedup nose in the new models. To dress Sindy in fashion borrowed from Barbie is not feasible. Few people are actually aware of this!

The clothes are simply to big and the shoes to small for Sindy. The shape of Sindy´s head is, as the models by Pedigree rounder in shape than Barbie´s, although considerably less more noticeable than before. The natural toes and the belly button was Sindy´s foremost signs. In 1988 many models were released and these models were developed the following two years. The best known models are Sindy & Scotty and Wedding Day Sindy. The boxes were pinkin 1988 and are white since 1989. Wedding Day Sindy is made in three diffrent designs where details such as the wedding dress and the eyes markedly show the differences. In 1989 Hasbro released two designs of Wedding Day Sindy.

Sindy & Scotty, Splashing Out and Pretty Picnic Sindy from 89 is some of the prettiest playline dolls ever produced by Hasbro. An other very interesting model was Sindy & Her Fun Bike, from 1990, and it was a doll that could ride a bike in a natural way, thanks to her knee joints. This model as well as Sindy & Gogo was plagiarized by other manufacturers the following years.

Sindy´s dog Gogo had yet another finess. The dog refused to walk if Sindy wasn´t holding the leash! Splashing Out and pretty Picnic Sindy are not only two of the best models ever made but are also extremely rare Sindy dolls.In 1993 Sindy celebrated her 30:th anniversary and Hasbro added to the festivities by releasing a limited edition of 10000 dolls aimed for the collectors. Diamond Princess Sindy was the most expensive Sindy dolls ever produced. Edwardian Dream Sindy is in a class of it´s own above all the other Sindy dolls. She looks so elegant in her feather rimmed hat, romantic parasol and classic gown. Edwardian Dream Sindy is a collectors dream come true.

Sindys was introduced in India by Funskool in 1994. Funskool adapted Sindy to the indian market and let the fashion be inspired by the Indian culture. Miss India Sindy is the most well known series. This series of dolls include Sarée, Kurta, Gujarati, Hair Dazzle. The color of the dolls differed. Gujarati and Sarée were red, green or yellow while Hair Dazzle blue or purple and Kurta was pink but other colors may occure. Pretty Party was also given an India inspired fashion where Sindy was transformed to a young woman from India. These models from Funskool are already today classics in Sindy´s long and glorius story. In 2006 Funskool ceased producing Sindy. Funskool’s license applied for the years 1994 until it expired in 2005 and they chose not to renew it. This did not mean the end of the Miss India series. Sindy just changed her name to Mia!

In 1997 Hasbro ceased producing Sindy! Sindy is produced under licence by Vivid Imaginations Ltd since 1998. The last Paul doll was produced by Hasbro in the year 1996. With Vivid´s takeover Sindy got a new boy friend named Robbie closing a 32 year long epoque with Paul. Sindy´s friend Imani disappered to and instead she got a new colored friend named Mel, who, according to our oppinion, is better then Imani. Something that cannot be said about Paul´s successor!

Vivid Imaginations has received massive criticism due to Sindy´s fashion. The fashion can only be described as uninteresting and cheap. Hardly becoming our brittish fashion doll Sindy. With Teenage Witch Sindy Vivid Imaginations finally restored the dignity Sindy deserves. In 2003 Vivid ceased producing Sindy and the rights were returned to Pedigree!

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