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This site guides both the experienced, as well as the novice collector, in the world of Sindy. Sindy is solely a play line doll as opposed to Barbie. But there are a few elegant exceptions, with a class that can only be describe as exquisite, where Sindy turns to collectors.

We will replace images that are of poor quality as soon as possible!

Club Sindy

Hasbro 1988 Fun Knit Sindy 2nd edition

Hasbro 1988 Make Me Up Sindy

Hasbro 1988 Party Girl Sindy

Hasbro 1988 Pearly Princess Sindy

Hasbro 1988 Sindy & Scotty 1st edition

Hasbro 1988 Free Wheelin Sindy

Hasbro 1988 Sweet Dreams Sindy

Hasbro 1988 Wedding Day Sindy 1st edition

Hasbro 1988 Super Star Sindy

Hasbro 1988 Party Girl Sindy France Face

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