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  Hasbro 1990 Diamond Princess

Art. Nr 8014 Rare
Contents: Earrings, tiara, fan, satin cushion and shoes.
  Hasbro 1990 Beautiful Bows

Art. Nr 8076 Rare
Contents: Transformable dress, detachble bows, comb, knickers, earrings necklace, applicator, make-up and shoes.
  Hasbro 1990 & Her Fun Bike

Art. Nr 8128 Scarce
Contents: Doll with sports action legs, socks, earrings, protectiv hat, bicycle and watch.
  Hasbro 1990 Top Model Sindy

Art. Nr 8688 Rare
Contents: Swimsuit, sash and shoes.
  Hasbro 1990 Party Letters Sindy

Art. Nr 8046 Rare
Contents: Dress, hair twist, earrings, shoes, inkstamp, eraser, pencil, invitationscard and envelope.
  Hasbro 1990 Hot Looks Sindy

Art. Nr 8063
Contents: Reversible top, sarong, bikini bottoms, sunglasses, bag, watch, shoes, snap on accessories and 2 badges.
  Hasbro 1990 Valentine Sindy

Art. Nr 8079 Rare
Contents: Dress, hair ribbon, earrings, shoes and gift box.
  Hasbro 1990 Denim Dazzle Sindy

Art. Nr 8052
Contents: Jacket, top, skirt, knickers, ankle socks, boots, earrings, hair piece, 1 sheet of stickers and badge.
  Hasbro 1990 Disco Dazzle Sindy

Art. Nr 8057
Contents: Outfit, earrings and shoes.
  Hasbro 1990 Wonderful World

Art. Nr 8082
Contents: T-shirt, shorts, earrings, hair piece, badge and shoes.
  Hasbro 1990 Dance Craze Sindy

Art. Nr 8035
Contents: Wrap around skirt, tassled knickers, top, earrings, hairclip and shoes.
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