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  Hasbro 1996 Noel Sindy

Art. Nr 18628
Contents: New year Sindy with presents, gown, earrings, shoes and hair decoration.
  Hasbro 1996 Festive Sindy

Art. Nr 18572 Very Rare
Contents: New year Sindy with gown, earrings and shoes.
  Hasbro 1996 Mermaid Sindy

Art. Nr 18571
Contents: Sindy with long hair.
  Hasbro 1996 Fairy Hair Sindy

Art. Nr 18576
Contents: Sindy with golden hair, dress, detachable wings and comb.
  Hasbro 1996 & Cycling Sam

Art. Nr 18483
Contents: Jacket, hat, shorts, boots, baby, hair ribbon, sunglasses, dunaress, shoes, t-shirt, motorised trike and trike lead.
  Hasbro 1996 Sindy Soft

Art. Nr 18577
Contents: Sindy doll with soft body, jacket, socks and hair decoration.
  Hasbro 1996 Sindy Gym 1

Art. Nr 18561
Contents: Two part leotard, leg warmers, training shoes and dumb bell set.
  Hasbro 1996 Sindy Gym 2

Art. Nr 18702
Contents: excercise bike, running machine, bar bells, bench, dumb bell sets, weighing scales, hoola hoops, aerobic outfit and Sindy doll.
  Hasbro 1996 Baseball Cap

Art. Nr 18546
Contents: Jacket, knickers, cap, shoes, hair twist and leaflet.
  Hasbro 1996 Mix“n Match Sindy

Art. Nr 18559
Contents: Jacket, shoes, bag, boots, gown, trousers, belt, blouse, miniskirts and T-shirt.
  Hasbro 1996 Sindy Skater

Art. Nr 18565
Contents: Sindy with tutu and non removeble ice skating boots.
  Hasbro 1996 Twister Sindy

Art. Nr 18361
Contents: Sindy with a two part leotard shoes, gloves, twister board, spinner, decal sheet and instructions.
  Hasbro 1996 Rollerblade Sindy

Art. Nr 18625
Contents: Sindy with top, Cd-player, rollerblades, shorts.
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