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The Little Sindy Museum (TLSM) is a museum filled with love for the Sindy doll and the items that belonged to her. I, Martina, started to collect Sindy dolls in 2018 since I felt I missed my treasure of childhood Sindys that I had kept for my future kids to play with. I had sold them together with my kidís Monster High and other dolls, that they had outgrown, a couple of years before.

I had the possibility to keep my collection on the second floor above my then husbandís office in ÷rebro. After Iíve been collecting for a couple of years, I felt like I was in a unique situation, having my collection in an official building and I thought: Why not give other people the chance to remember their childhood doll? So, I tried to get in contact with Pedigree, that owns Sindy, to ask if I could get their permission to start a museum. They said yes and I started The Little Sindy Museum in September 2020.

I also have The Little Sindy Museum and I want it to be some kind of base where visitors can find links and information to other great sources regarding Sindy. My aim is to try to help to keep the history of Sindy alive together with all the skilled collectors out there. If you have some information about Sindy, that you canít find on TLSMís website, please get in touch and I can have your information, photos or links up on the site with you as the source.

Since my divorce in 2022, The Little Sindy Museum is now located at the High Coast in Sweden, in the Kramfors area. I have it on the ground floor in my house. Itís open for visitors on appointment via our e-mail.

Welcome! Love from Sweden, Martina

One Million Years Before Sindy.

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